We understand that a teacher introduces the learners to success. R. D. Rajpal School has an excellent team of professional and highly qualified faculty who are determined to enlighten the lives of our learners. Passionate, creative and innovative individuals with excellent communication skills and fire in their belly, the teachers are partners in the progress of learners and institution at large.

Regular updates help them keep pace with the new trends and teaching methodologies like 'Smart Board technology' by Extramarks, to aid the learning of children and promote Higher Order Thinking Skills. The staff attends regular seminars and workshops on professional development, computer-aided learning and create software packages specially designed to support the curriculum. The teachers are facilitators who guide our learners through discovery with inspiration and motivation.

"The teacher should not be a book that is read aloud, the same for everyone, no matter what his (the student’s) nature and character. The first duty of the teacher is to help the student to know himself and to discover what he is capable of doing. For that he must observe his games, the activities to which he is drawn naturally and spontaneously and also what he likes to learn, whether his intelligence is awake, the stories he enjoys, the activities which interest him, the human achievements which attract him…. " THE MOTHER